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Collectable Fishing Lures

Collectable Fishing Lures

Collectable Fishing Lures

Viirastus Collectable

There are many fisherman in the whole world and the most of fishing gear is made for thousands of customers. We wanted to create something unique, something that stands out from others and makes you feel proud for your hobby or work. Every year we will create a unique design and release only 100 specially manufactured collectable fishing lures.

Source of Inspiration

We have released the collection “Salmo eriox”. The design is inspired by vintage fishing lures. These specially designed lures are made for sea trout fishing. Just like all other Viirastus lures, our collectable fishing lures are made of stainless steel and covered with a special surface treatment to achieve fish-like scale shine.

Custom Made Packaging

The collectable fishing lures are packaged in an elegant and original box. The boxes are specially made for our “Salmo Eriox” collection. For each collectable lure we include a certificate with the number of the product in the box. The perfect gift for a fishing expert or collector.

To order the special edition lure contact us!