Fish species: garfish
33g; 20cm. Diving depth 0,2m – 0,8m.

Hydra, named after a monster in ancient Greek mythology, is intended for the first half of the garfish fishing season, where the fish have not yet spawned. The lure has been made in cooperation with an experienced garfish catcher from Hiiumaa, who shared his knowledge in making and testing the lure.

Mighty and living up to its name – there is no doubt that it is a true Viirastus lure!

Swimming depth: 0,2 – 0,8 m

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Additional information

With each purchase of Viirastus lure, you donate 0.5 Euros to the preservation of fish stocks!

The lures are made of stainless steel and covered with a special surface treatment to achieve fish-like scale shine. Each Viirastus lure is unique and has a one-of-a-kind pattern.

All lures have high-quality Owner or BKK hooks.