Fish species: pike
Weight: 65g

Named after the Norse god Thor, this jerk lure is meant for catching pike in shallow waters. Made from composite material, the lure is perfect for fishing on seas, rivers and bigger lakes. The sides of Thor are embellished with a stainless steel plate with our lure pattern, making it an irresistible catch for pikes. The lure is covered with six layers of epoxy, making it durable and able to withstand many battles.

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Additional information

Celebrating the first decade of my lure crafting journey, I have created something that brings me as much joy as discovering the “Viirastus” surface pattern for the first time. I made the first lure of my life for the sea trout fishing, and this decade I’m starting with pike lures. After a year and a half of development, I have created a jerk-type lure “Thor” and a slider-type lure “Loki”. With their slow sinking, the lures can be used even in 30 cm-deep water without any problems. The ideally placed weight distribution and the “Viirastus” surface pattern make the buoyancy and game of “Thor” and “Loki” extremely appetizing for pike. All lures are covered with six coats of epoxy, which makes them extremely durable and long-lasting. Just like when developing the first lures, I feel the excitement in my soul again, which honestly, had been lost for a while. I feel like a lure master again, but this time I’m an experienced lure master. In my experience of making lures, there have been no lures that have received more praise from testers than these two. I dare say with conviction that masterpieces have been created, and if you give them a fair chance, you will surely understand what I mean.


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