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Fish species: perch, river trout, pike, grayling, arctic char, ide
Lure length 7cm

If there is one lure that attracts all the predatory fish known in our waters, it is Mercury! It is a lure that is talked about in many fishermen’s stories, where initially a lesser pastime has developed into a nerve-wracking struggle to pull a record-sized fish from the water. In Mercury’s case, previous fishing experience is irrelevant, and even the youngest fishing enthusiasts, who can hold a fishing rod in their hands and learn about fishing techniques independently or with the help of others, can fish with ease.

Great adventures await even with the smallest Viirastus lure!


Additional information

The lures are made of stainless steel and covered with a special surface treatment to achieve fish-like scale shine. Each Viirastus lure is unique and has a one-of-a-kind pattern.

All lures have high-quality Owner or BKK hooks.

8 g lure is ideal for fishing in lakes and slow-flowing rivers

10 g lure is especially suitable for fishing in lakes and fast-flowing rivers.