Pike (sea)


Gift set includes pike fishing lure Odin. Odin is a lure that is particularly suitable for pike fishing at sea and in larger inland waters. This lure is named after the god of war and wisdom in Scandinavian mythology.

The lure is packaged in a high quality gift box.

Please take into consideration that the waiting period for silver toned engraved lures may be up to three weeks.

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Additional information

There is no better gift for a beginner or an already experienced fisherman than a lure, from which new adventures, indelible memories and, of course, record-breaking catches begin. That is why we make custom orders for exclusively packaged engraved lures. The unique surface treatment created by the lure expert allows to apply a unique and one-of-a-kind pattern to the lure. You have a chance to order a lure like no other in the world.